Tartary buckwheat–the short version

What is Tartary Buckwheat?

Fagopyrum tataricum:

Tartary buckwheat, golden buckwheat, bitter buckwheat, Indian buckwheat, duckwheat, kaspat, phapar, tite, bra bo, ku qiao, ishisoba, dattan soba, grečicha tatarskaja, Tatarska ajda, tatarischer Buchweizen, sibiriskt bovete, sarrasin de Tartarie, grano saracens siberiano, alforfón de Tartaria, fagopiro da Tartaria —its numerous names reveal the many cultures that enjoy this ancient and nutritious grain.

Although not a close relative, Tartary buckwheat offers a versatile dietary substitute for cereals like wheat or rye. Its healthful attributes include gluten-free protein well balanced in amino acids; starch with low glycemic index; a high level of dietary fiber; essential minerals; and an array of disease-fighting compounds. Compared to its close relative, common buckwheat, Tartary buckwheat contains 100 times the concentration of rutin. This powerful antioxidant also strengthens small blood vessels—important for diabetics and the elderly.

From its ancestral home in China, Tartary buckwheat spread to Korea and Japan, Nepal and India, and westward to Europe and finally to North America. It became a distinctive ingredient in pancakes, pastries, breads, noodles, tea, and even beer. Just as such traditional crops were losing ground to higher-yielding corn and soybeans, scientists began exploring the healthful effects of Tartary buckwheat—how it could counter fatigue, lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, suppress inflammatory response, protect DNA, and fight tumors. This “ancient” grain truly defends against such “modern” illnesses as diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Cooks willing to experiment will be rewarded with the earthy flavor and golden hue of Tartary buckwheat–topped off with good health.

What is the Angelica Mill?

A small family farm in the Appalachian foothills of Western New York, we’re America’s only grower/processor of Tartary buckwheat. We plant the seed and sew up the bag. After years testing heritage varieties (from Maine, West Virginia, and Maryland), assembling field and processing equipment, and mastering their operation, we invite you to try our stone-ground Tartary buckwheat. We sell pale flour (in 36 oz. bags) and bran (in 32 oz. bags). We farm without synthetic pesticides or non-organic nitrogen fertilizers.  Get in touch with us from the “Contact” page on this website, or visit the “Angelica Mill” on Facebook.