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Greetings.  Some visitors—perhaps you—arrived here in pursuit not just of information, but of some actual touchable, tastable Tartary buckwheat.  And we merely tantalized:  “WE ARE NOT CURRENTLY TAKING ORDERS . . . .”  We posted that notice when we decided to sell our business, and Big Bold Health, our primary customer, agreed to buy it.  Now that that sale has transpired, we are announcing that Angelica Mill will NOT resume our sales.  The good news is Big Bold Health’s Himalayan Tartary Buckwheat Super Nutrition Flour—processed by a great miller from the same organic seed as our products.  The big bonus is BBH’s staff of kitchen-savvy nutritionists, who have worked out all kinds of tasty recipes for their flour.  So check out the Super Nutrition Flour and Big Bold Health’s other products at  And check back here at; research about this amazing species has far out-paced my ability to read and digest the results.  Big Bold Health will have much to tell!

I have greatly enjoyed your inquiries and comments regarding Tartary buckwheat.  From Madrid NY to Beverly Hills CA (and from several foreign cities) your messages arrived, and I could make new friends for this largely-forgotten food.  What fun we’ve had.  We turn now to cleaning up and emptying out this farm where we landed 47 years ago.  We’re planning to sell it all—machinery and real estate—and move to a smaller in-town home.  We will miss driving that long approach from the road to the house, as well as walking down to the creek.  This place where we raised kids, and where they brought their kids, will always be dear.  But we’re excited to move on.  So thank you all, and farewell!  Eat well, and stay well.

Sam and Lucia Beer

P.S. Though the Tartary Buckwheat business is sold, this little farm offers other options.  We cultivated grains and forages for cows, and vegetables and fruits for customers of the Catbird Griddle—our old farmers’ market foodstand.  It was luck, not wisdom, that landed us on fertile, well-drained ground (to those salutary adjectives, we now add “certified-organic.”)  We remain grateful to the many folks who taught us how to make this garden grow.  If you know somebody looking to buy dirt, we’ll happily discuss the possibilities our farm presents.