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We package our Tartary buckwheat flour—dark or pale—in 36 OZ bags, and bran in 32 OZ bags.  See “How We Mill Tartary Buckwheat” on our home page for details about these different products.  This year, we greatly expanded our buckwheat acreage, necessitating a break from milling during our very active growing season.  Recently we resumed milling but quickly sold out of our Pale Grade Flour.  To balance our inventory, we’re putting our Bran and Dark Grade Flour ON SALE.  Bags of Bran are reduced from $9.00 to $8.00, and bags of Dark Grade Flour from $12.00 to $11.00.  We accept orders of two bags:  two bags of Bran for $16.00, two bags of Dark Grade Flour for $22.00, or one bag of each for $19.00.  To these prices add $15.00 for USPS Priority postage.  You can order on the form below, and we will send you payment options.  Or if you want to wait until our Pale Grade Flour is available, keep an eye on this site.  Thanks so much for your interest.  Stay well.

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