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We package our Tartary buckwheat flour—dark or pale—in 36 OZ bags, for which we charge $12.00.  We package bran in 32 OZ bags priced at $9.00.  See “How We Mill Tartary Buckwheat” on our home page for details about these different products.  We accept orders of two, three, or four bags, which we ship by USPS Priority mail at a flat rate of $15.00.  You can order on the form below, and we will send you payment options.

In answer to frequently-asked questions, we do not sell whole Tartary buckwheat seeds, groats, nor tea that is made from roasted whole groats.  (Again, see the Milling section of our home page for an explanation.  )  We don’t know of a domestic producer of Tartary buckwheat groats or tea.  We do know that Big Bold Health is currently developing a line of products incorporating Himalayan Tartary buckwheat, and encourage you to keep an eye on their website.  (Another frequently-asked question:  Is Himalayan Tartary buckwheat the same as Tartary buckwheat?  Answer:  yes.  The former name merely emphasizes that the species is thought to have originated in the Himalayan region, and certainly not on the steppes of Central Asia, as the name “Tartary” implies.  )

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